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Food & Beverages

Here is where you can relax from your park adventures. Our panoramic bar "Grillgut" is situated right next to the park pond overlooking the impressive scenery of untouched surrounding nature with a view of the expanse of the park. Enjoy our delicious burgers, sizzling freshly grilled sausages or a juicy grilled steak with spicy potato wedges. "Guten Appetit!"

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Great and small adventurers may find sweet delights here. Our crêperie will tempt all your senses by leading you to the realm of French baking artistery. Feel the delicious agony of having to chose from 18 different types of filling for you crêpe. Our sweet crêpes with sugar, cinnamon, apple mash, chocolate spread, jams, Grand Manier, Egg Nog or the savoury ones with ham and cheese are ideal as a little snack.

But you will not only be convinced by our crêpes. The freshly made wafers with powdered sugar, cherries or chocolate sauce are rich in taste. Or would you yet prefer one of our legendary “Dampfnudeln” (sweet yeast dumplings) with vanilla sauce like Grandma made them? Yummy!



Eyes will get wider and wider still. Everyone will find his favourite among the vast variety of sweets. There are our own sugar-roasted almonds and freshly made popcorn to give you new energy for your adventure at the Taunus Wunderland right at the heart of nature. And you can make your stay memorable by taking away little souvenirs. What a lot of delicacies!


Wunderland Snack Bar

After such a lot of action and adventure you will inevitably get hungry. But there isn’t much time for pause because the next attraction is already waiting for you. That’s when you should pop in to our Wunderland Snack Bar. With its abundant choice, it is just the right place for all lovers of high quality finger food: “Spießbraten” (German roast pork), the popular Chicken Nuggets, different types of burgers or a roll filled with a slice of” Leberkäse” (German minced meat loaf). And hungry adventurers may gain energy and even might want more of our grilled corn-on-the-cob, freshly baked pretzels and other snack specialities.


The Wunderland Barbecue

Exclusively throughout holiday periods we will be offering treats from the swivelling barbecue The sausages and juicy steak variations are being constantly swivelled on a grill over the charcoal fireplace. That prevents the food from burning and it will perfectly develop its very own aroma guaranteeing you healthy and tasty grilled specialities.