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Otto Barth, owner and managing director of the Taunus Wunderland says: „My aspiration as leader of a family company and father of two sons is on one hand to offer people a day full of action and adventure as well as allowing them to relax and enjoy their stay. No matter whether young or old, great or small, every visitor of the Taunus Wunderland is entitled to have fun and forget their daily routine – true to our motto „At the heart of nature – enter the adventure!“ That is the basis for our values, fitting one into the other like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. You can be sure of that.“


1.  Security

We understand security as being a hundred percent able to rely on everything. Necessary renovations and repairs are being carried out all the time, even during operation time if needed. The security standards imposed by the TÜV (Technical Control Board) Hessen are implemented in all operating areas of the park at all times based on the strict regulations of law and in the interest of all our visitors.


2.  Cleanliness

Cleanliness is part of the feelgood atmosphere at the Taunus Wunderland. There is cleaning staff responsible for tidiying the toilets as well as staff regularly walking the park clearing e. g. paths and rides from rubbish. There is a utensil case assigned to each ride being taken to work by the individual operating staff so they might be able to clean up the ride any time. After every shower of rain our staff will roam the park drying and cleaning wherever necessary.


3.  Variety

The former Enchanted Forest and Petting Zoo was taken over by the Barth family in 1999. Since then it has undergone innumerable changes to become an adventure park of modern character. The development is continuously being carried on with all due personal and financial engagement, always considering the needs and expectations of the visitors. More than 40 rides and attractions in categories like „thrill“, „action“ and „kidsFun“ represent a high level of attractiveness for young and old.


4.  Service

We consider kindness, helpfulness and civility towards all our guests a matter of course. A high quality in service is an important part of the good mood being our basic attitude at the park. That’s why we approach every visitor with a smile.


5.  Responsibility

To constantly gain the confidence of our visitors and the innumerable children among them, we guarantee absolute transparency of all our actions and operations. Therefore, we offer guided tours especially for schools and nurseries under the motto of „More background, more knowledge“.


6.  Fairness

As there a hardly any or only little waiting times at the attractions throughout the park, you will be able to use 14-18 attractions during a stay of four to five hours. Based on the basic entrance fee that means a price of between 1.21 € and 0.95 € for an individual ride per person. Blind people, wheel-chair users and people with a height inferior to 100 cm are free. Additionally, there are group reductions, special events and our reduced-price Family Friday. The purchase of a season ticket (valid 12 months from date of purchase) will have paid off after 3.2 visits to the park. That’s what we consider a fair value-for-money ratio.


7.  Role model

There is a strict no-smoking rule for all our staff throughout the whole park that everyone has to obey without fault. That’s what we call style and civility towards all our visitors.


8.  Confirmation

In 2009, the team of the HR3 Radio Station has awarded the park the following rating after thorough inspection: „This excellent location is HR3-tested and recommended“. This is documented by a sign at the entrance area.