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A warm welcome

We wish you a pleasant stay at the Taunus Wunderland. To ensure that all visitors may enjoy a nice and safe day, our park regulations are valid at all times. By entering the park you agree to respect them. Our technicians will ensure your safety by constantly checking the rides and – should your safety be in the slightest question – will stop them if necessary.

1. Park regulations

The rules and signs of the road traffic act are to be respected in any part of the park grounds. We kindly ask you to observe the instructions of our park staff.

Using the car park is free of charge. Presupposing your consent as a means of appreciation, we will place a Taunus Wunderland sticker onto your rear window. If you disagree, please put a clearly visible note into your car.

2. Entry

The Taunus Wunderland may only be entered with a valid ticket. We kindly ask you to keep the ticket throughout your visit to be able to show it if asked to. The entitlement for entry expires the moment visitors leave the park. Should you need to leave the park shortly e. g. for fetching something from your car, please ask at the ticket office for a stamp on your hand that will permit you to re-enter.

3. General regulations

Dogs are welcome at the park but must be kept on a leash. Owners will have to make sure to clean up their dogs’ excrements by bringing appropriate bags for deposal in the common bins. Dogs are not to be taken into the individual rides.

Smoking is not allowed in the park as most areas are wooded.

Observing the instructions of our park staff is essential.

4. Using the rides

By using the different rides and attractions you agree to observe the individual instructions for use. These have to be strictly adhered to in any case.

There are several rides that may only be used by children measuring a minimum of 100 cm. These safety regulations are being imposed by the Technical Control Board (TÜV = German MOT) and have to be strictly observed. You will find a measuring board in front of every ride subject to height regulation with which you may ensure that you or your children comply with the required height. In any case you are asked to observe the instructions of our staff.

Please note that pets, walking sticks or other bulky, sharp or loose items are not allowed on the rides. These items might as a worst case become dangerous missiles threatening to hurt either yourself or other people.

For safety reasons, no drunk persons are allowed to use any of our rides. If you are pregnant or suffering from medical problems with either your heart or back or other major health problems you may be warned against using specific rides. Furthermore, we regret having to state that people having difficulties in walking may also have to refrain from using certain rides. Please look out for the security advertisements throughout the park.

Please make sure to keep watch over your children at any time as they might miscalculate possible sources of danger.

Please make sure they are always accompanied on the rides by an adult and never cease surveying them properly.

Never lift your children over or put them down onto the barriers of the rides as this might be a mortal risk.

The park management cannot be made liable to refund entry fees - whether fully or partially – due to a disruption of power or other incidents causing the failure of rides and attractions.

In case of high winds, hampered sight, thunderstorms or other exceptional weather conditions we are entitled to disrupt the operation of individual rides and attractions for the safety and protection of our visitors. Redemption of entry fees cannot be claimed, neither fully nor partially.

5. Advertising and selling goods and services

The advertising and selling of goods and services within the park grounds is only allowed with prior consent of the park management.

6. Filming and photographing

From time to time, pictures or videos may be taken at the Taunus Wunderland. As far as possible, these areas and attractions are correspondingly marked. Please avoid these areas if you do not wish to have your picture published officially. In this case, please notify the photographer or camera team. If you fail to do so, we suppose that you agree to utilization of your picture without expectation of being remunerated.